Announcing Price Performance Management for Unified Commerce and Lifecycle Performance Management

The competitive advantage for retailers
Boomerang’s technology platform empowers profitable growth through data driven merchandising decisions.
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Retailers face tough competition these days
Boomerang provides the retail performance management technology platform that helps retailers break away from the pack.
Realize your product strategy
Implement a technology bridge that empowers your merchandising strategy
Streamline operations
Eliminate pricing errors and react faster to changes in the market
Drive profitable growth
Increase revenue and margins through data driven decisions
Boomerang drives profitable growth for the top 2 retailers in each category
“We leveraged Boomerang Commerce to make sure that we are price competitive in the market. Their platform makes it really easy to engage and understand the insights that come from the data.”
Peter Scala

EVP Merchandising

“Boomerang Commerce provides Groupon Goods unprecedented insight into our competitive pricing position, this visibility gives us the opportunity to optimize our prices to achieve two major objectives: driving customer loyalty and meeting corporate sales and profitability targets.”
Nikhil Sagar

VP Inventory, Pricing, Analytics and Marketplace, Groupon Goods

How Boomerang works
Boomerang collects and synthesizes both internal and external data signals
to help you find the right price, on the right items, at the right time.
External Data Signals
Internal Data Signals
Consumer Demand
  • Product Hotness®
  • Pricing Expectations
  • Pricing Elasticity
  • Product Availability
  • Client Product Strategy
  • Margin Goals
  • Perception Goals
  • Testing and Learning
  • Competitor Position
  • Price Perception Index®
  • Competitor Pricing
  • Client Performance Data
  • SKU Performance
  • Category Performance
  • Margin Performance
  • Conversion Data
  • Right
    Decision Engine
    Why customers love boomerang
    Our customers see double digit margin and revenue increases on our platform.
    Tailored to your business.
    We work with you to tailor our solution to the unique challenges facing your business.
    World class customer success.
    We’ve built the best customer success team in retail analytics with a rich background in management consulting and data science.
    We get results.
    We don’t just sell a product. We work with our customers to understand their business dynamics and deliver results.
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    We’ll provide you with a thorough, data-driven assessment of growth opportunities across your business. Our analysis includes competitive benchmarking, operational benchmarking, and identification of profitable growth opportunities.

    This analysis would normally cost over $250,000 from a consulting firm, but we provide this analysis for free to showcase the power of our technology platform.
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